Volumetric SurveysVolumetric Surveys

Attention focussed on the geometric shape of the land area

Accurate volume calculation are essential for a client’s profitability… can you afford not to use us?

The value of earthworks forms a significant part of any construction project so it is crucial to have accurate cost analysis undertaken both before and during the construction process. By comparing design information to existing and proposed land formations, earthwork calculations can be worked out to facilitate a highly accurate cost analysis.

Volumetric surveys are carried out in a very similar manner to Topographical Surveys, but with additional attention focussed on the geometric shape of the land area. Using the latest modelling software, combined with information gathered on site, we can then produce an accurate 3D model of surveyed surfaces so as to produce accurate volumes of specific stockpiles, quarry faces or landfills.

This analysis can then be delivered to the client as a stand-alone document or alternatively the information can be embedded into a drawing as text with long / cross sections and isopachyte contours to visually describe the cut and fill areas.

Just because someone has the software to calculate a volume it doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly. We have been doing this for many years and understand exactly what is required, having developed our own techniques for certain applications which have a high factor of self-checking built in. We don’t just accept the first number the computer spits out, this is why our customers come back to us time and time again.

  • The information contained in the Digital Terrain Model is extensive and eliminates the need for difficult and laborious calculations, previously done by hand, thus saving you time and money
  • The accuracy of the output volumes is of benefit in establishing quantities for tendering in the building and civil engineering fields, ensuring the tender submitted has the best chance of returning a profit
  • From the accurate DTM’s produced height shading plans, cut and fill plans, grid depths can be produced to enable the Client to see exactly where excavated materials have been taken from and to

"Datum Surveying Services Ltd. were employed to carry out all of our setting out and surveying requirements on our latest project at Markham Vale. They provided a highly accurate and reliable service in tough conditions and we look forward to using their services on our next projects."

Lee Jackson Site Manager Melfort Construction.
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