Drone (U.A.V.) SurveysDrone (U.A.V.) Surveys

Invaluable & accurate progress pictures

We provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (U.A.V) surveys to the construction industry, combining the latest advances with innovative uses of imaging equipment to perform a wide range of high quality mapping & aerial surveys.

All our surveys are georeferenced with the inclusion of ground control points meaning the accuracy is down to 20mm in x,y,z . We can survey up to 1000ha per day and use our analytical software plus tools to generate volumetric calculations accurate to within 5%.  Our autonomous flight planning software and drones provide the geospatial industry with market leading unmanned aerial vehicle sensor systems and results.

Aerial surveys are also an excellent way of surveying anything out of reach. UAVs allow environmental monitoring and industrial inspections at inaccessible locations as well as in those too dangerous to send personnel into. UAVs can take off and land virtually anywhere not only minimising downtime but enabling our team to carry out highly accurate detailed inspections and data capture.

The high quality of our images means we can also produce invaluable accurate progress pictures. This would complement site records that can be utilised by all members of the site team, professional team and the client.

  • Large areas are surveyed in a short space of time
  • Site time is reduced which enable us to provide more competitive quotes
  • It enables us to survey in accessible areas or areas of environmental
  • Compared to manned helicopters and planes drones can get much closer to the survey goal, resulting in improved data density and quality of the survey
  • During inspections, installations in most cases need to be shut down temporarily, involving high costs due to loss of productivity. Using drones capable of inspecting functioning installations in a short time span makes the shut-down superfluous

"Datum Surveying Services Ltd. were employed to carry out all of our setting out and surveying requirements on our latest project at Markham Vale. They provided a highly accurate and reliable service in tough conditions and we look forward to using their services on our next projects."

Lee Jackson Site Manager Melfort Construction.
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