Audi, Oldham

The Client

MCS Ltd. contacted Datum Surveying to calculate the Cut and Fill Volume for the bulk earthworks on their Audi project in Oldham.

We visited site on several occasions to undertake surveys at the start of each construction process to then calculate the earthworks volume for that period.

What we did

We compared the Earthwork contractors reduce level dig survey to our as built survey and then compared this to the design formation levels. All of the different construction build ups were grouped together and then coloured to show the amount of Cut or Fill for each group. Sections through were also drawn at 10m intervals showing each survey and their relationship with each other.

After calculating the Volume for each survey we decided to produce a 2.5m point grid drawing with height shading to highlight the differences between both surveys.

"Datum Surveying Services Ltd. were employed to carry out all of our setting out and surveying requirements on our latest project at Markham Vale. They provided a highly accurate and reliable service in tough conditions and we look forward to using their services on our next projects."

Lee Jackson Site Manager Melfort Construction.
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